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Name: Natascha
Birthday: 12. December 
Age: 27
Location: Germany
Status: Single 

About me

Hey there, I’m Yuumiko. My real name is Natascha but I like when people call me Nata. I’m a mother of a lovely little boy and I love webdesign. I’m really into gaming too, especially League of Legends and Fortnite. People say I’m a really open-minded person and funny to hang with. I’m also a good listener but I don’t talk much, only with my boyfriend or when I’m hyped about something. I’m a big K-Pop fan and I know the struggle of being a multistan pretty well.


Editing: Adobe Photoshop CC
Coding: Notepad++


League Of Legends: Ñata
Fortnite: Nata-S2

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You can send me a message here or directly by E-Mail:



Video games (especially League of Legends, Fortnite & VR-Chat), webdesign, food, pasta, winter, snow, autumn, christmas, cozy lights, chocolate, pixels, Netflix, K-Pop, K-Dramas & J-Dramas, cute things, cats, astronomy, magical stuff, piercings, tattoos, humor, music, tea, thai latte, candles, pillows, good fragrance, orchids and cherryblossoms, pandas, the smell of cinnamon & vanilla, pastel colors, cuddles, earrings, moon-shaped things (jewelry)


Stress, drama/conflict, lies, arrogance, narcissism, violence, rumors, distance, raisins, the smell of sweat, bad breath, greasy hair, sexism, intolerance, bugs & spiders, spicy food, summer, hot weather, sweating, sports (yep, I’m lazy), horror movies, drugs, being told what to do, disarray/dirty environments or people, game lags